The Polish capital of linen

Żyrardów – the polish capital of linen
Żyrardów for many decades was famous for the highest quality of its linen products which were held in high esteem all around the world. This led to raising the city to the title of the Polish capital of linen.
The Żyrardian merchandise was famous throughout the Kingdom of Poland, were highly valued on the Imperial Russia’s markets and reached as far as Japan, China and Persia. The quality of the products was awarded with 24 medals on a great many exhibitions in Europe and even as far as Philadelphia. The most prestigious award was the “Grand Prix” of the Paris exhibition in 1990.
As soon as in 1843 the factory was “honoured” with the right to use the emblem of the Russian Empire considered to be the highest honour any manufacturer could be awarded with. The right was acknowledged again in 1870 and 1896. The quality and wide range of products gained Hielle and Dittrich in 1905 the title of “Contractors of His Imperial Majesty”.
Perfection and beauty were the trademark of table linen produced in Żyrardów. Its damasks and jacquard ornamentation was second to none in the whole of Europe. To maintain the highest level of design and colour of their products the factory created a separate division called “picture division” which consisted of skilled artists who were the authors of the famous Żyrardian ornamentation.
The best recommendation was the fact that the factory maintained many shops and warehouses in Warsaw, Łódź, Lublin, Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Kaunas, Grodno, Vilnius and Riga.
The Żyrardów factory offered not only a wide range of linen products but also cotton and plush products, hosiery and knitted goods.
The great variety of merchandise can be confirmed by genuine catalogues and price lists, many of which remained intact to this day.

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